I apologize for the lack of updates recently, I've been battling with my evil allergies as well as a headache that lasted for a few days. 
Last Wednesday the boyfriend decided to take me to Carmel just because he wanted to. I am quite a lucky lady aren't I? Now, I'm not a beach kind of gal, but I absolutely love Carmel. Their beach is beautiful and their entire town is just so quaint and pretty. It's a very relaxing place to just enjoy the beautiful scenery. So that entire day, we had lunch at the beach that the boyfriend made for us and strolled around the area. It was a perfect day off!

There was a cute bakery shop that we had to stop by in Monterey that our wonderful pastry chef Rochelle recommended. And yes, that's the boyfriend. He finally makes an appearance. 

The place is called French Bakery and the workers are all friendly and their pastries are baked fresh daily. 

I looooooove pastries, I have a huge sweet tooth and I always love finding new bakery/pastry/cafe shops!

Our loot. Their almond croissant was amazing! I know it looks weird, but it's soooo delicious. If you guys are every heading to Monterey/Carmel, definitely go here in the morning for a yummy pastry and a cup of coffee. 


That day it was soooooo gorgeous out that I just had to wear a dress! Chiffon dress from a boutique in New York, belt from Esprit, gold flats from Talbots, crossover bag from Coach.

This dress is cut to slightly flair out but there was no defined shape, and usually I don't look very flattering in these kind of styles so I always add a belt to it to show my waist. It helps elongate my legs and doesn't make me look bigger than what I already am. Haha! I think it's always great to add something to help an outfit and accentuate your features. For instance, a belt can help define a waist and if something that doesn't look very flattering I say... add a belt, or a jacket over it, vest, etc. Not everyone's body is made like a supermodel so try to experiment to see what works for your body.   

Sunglasses from BCBGeneration, bracelets from Talbots & from the boyfriend when he went to Canada. 

I want these outside table and chairs, they're so cute!

After lunch and strolling around Carmel, we wanted to have something cold so the boyfriend found a cute little ice cream shop in Pacific Grove.

The entire store had 'The Beatles' everywhere! It was so awesome. The boyfriend and I are a big fan of 'The Beatles' so we were looking and everything at awe. 

 So that's it for now, folks. Till next time!