Easter was a nice relaxing day, just hanging with the boys. I love hanging with my broskis, it's always fun hanging out with them. We just joke around, talk about fashion, video games, food, girls, etc. They definitely make me feel happy, I know they're always there for me and I'm very blessed and lucky for that. 

 That day, since we were just going to go to a very casual place to eat I decided to dress casual and I suppose... "sporty". Can't ever go wrong with sneakers, a plain white tee, and jeans. Anyone can sport those three items in my opinion.
Glasses from Forever 21, V-neck tee from Old Navy, both cardigans from Talbots, scarf from Levis, high waisted jeans from Levis 512 skinny jeans, sneakers from Ked's, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, watch from Lacoste, belt from talbots.

I'm excited for this entire week's beautiful weather! It's been a while since we had nice sunshiney warm weather. May is coming up and I always look forward to this month! It makes me so excited, but you guys will just have to wait and see why. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend filled with fun and excitement!
Till next time folks!




Lately, I've been feeling... light. That's the best way I can describe my mood for clothing. I'm quite into the pastels and white on white look this week. I guess it's because it's Spring, but it doesn't look or feel like it! So I decided to represent "Spring". I'm not a fan of this season though due to my crazy allergies. 

Silk blouse from Nordstrom Rack, vest from I.N.C., denim stripe jacket from Ralph Lauren, high-waisted jeans which I'm currently in love with from Levi's 512 Skinny Jeans.

I love combining something elegant and delicate with something heavy and casual. It definitely brings an outfit something you can wear for any kind of occasion... whether it's casual or for something a little bit more dressy. I'm a fan of shopping in all kinds of stores and I always try to be a money saver shopper, especially when it comes to clothes which can easily be thrown out or get ripped. When it comes to something trendy I tend to not spend so much, but things that I FEEL I will wear forever I would definitely splurge. Things I definitely splurge on are bags, coats/jackets, suits, jeans, shoes. Those things will last and they are something you will always use and wear. Another thing I always splurge on are evening/cocktail dresses. My family and I love to dress up, if there's any sort of occasion we'll definitely bring it up a notch. It's something I can't resist but to spend on. I try not to as much now, because there are less and less reasons to buy pretty dresses... but I should start making reasons to! For instance... "just because..."

Pearl necklace from Vietnam which I got during my trip to Ha Long Bay. I thought the way they sewed it together was so unique, I just had to get it! And... who can say no to pearls? Peep toe bow heels from DV by Dolce Vita, clutch which also comes with a long chain strap from Dior, rings from BCBG and Ann Taylor LOFT. 

I hope everyone has a happy Easter!! I'm going to head out tonight to hang with all my boys to eat and grab some drinks! It's been a while since we've all hanged out, so I'm very excited!

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Till next time, folks!


S H O E S P A R T 1 :

Lately I haven't had the time to shop, and the only time I do get to shop is online shopping to see what's new. A lot of people like to shop online, but I'm one of those people where I have to try them on before I buy them... but I should start to just buy online! There's so many things I want that it's hard to resist! Here are some of my current favorites for Spring/Summer 2011 at the moment when it comes to shoes...






I notice most of these shoes are nudes. I guess they are such a great color and it goes with everything! Such a pretty neutral color. I think every lady should own at least one pair of nude heels, don't you think? 

Till next time, folks!





Hello hello. Been a busy week for me, I use to have so much energy no matter how busy I was. All nighters were no problem, heck... 3 weeks in a row of all-nighters were nothing! But now... even staying up past 2 would kill me! I use to be able to function with 3 hours of sleep, but now not even 8 hours would do. I love sleep so much. I suppose it's due to all those years of not sleeping and now my body really needs it. I remember my first collection for COEUR de VALERIE, I had to pretty much do everything by myself. I was emotionally and physically drained. I couldn't even do an all-nighter. It was a very VERY stressful time, but in the end it was worth it. During any of my projects I always ask myself why do I put myself through all this stress, pain, torture, sweat, tears, blood, and lack of sleep for... then when it's finally done, I remember why and that it was all worth it. I remember why I love doing what I do, and in the end... it's not for others(well... it is) but it's for me. 

So folks, I present to you all a preview of my collection that I am currently constructing on. So a couple of posts ago I presented you all my inspiration and color story of my collection and now here are some sketches of what you will be seeing. I tend to not say much about my collections because I feel like my clothing should say it all, but sometimes not everyone understands it or sees it like I do. This collection was highly inspired by Sapa and the people that lived there. It was a combination of Vietnam's growing society, but even with a growing country they are very much still restricted. This collection is pretty much my story and experience during my trip to Vietnam... my personal experience with the culture, the people, my relatives, and myself. I can certainly say I do not belong there, I am quite different and sometimes it's hard to adapt to a certain culture even if it's your own. I was born and raised and America and to see how the young lives in this modern age in another country was quite interesting. I'm a very opinionated person and sometimes explaining it just either offends people or makes them happy, so that's why I create clothes. I'm sure you guys hear that a lot from many many different designers; "I have many things to say and so I show it through my clothes." I think sometimes it might be the best way because your choice of words can go either positive or negative. I suppose clothing is the same way, but at least people will wear it... or at least some will. Haha! I think I'm just rambling now... in the end, I get the best satisfaction when I see people wearing the things I make and incorporate it to their wardrobe. I'm making the future of fashion as well as the history. Anyways, enough chit-chat... on to the previews!


I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak of whats to come to life! Till next time folks!




Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post, I never knew how hard it was to keep up a blog. When I prepare for one, I have so many ideas and can't wait to post a new entry... but then when the time comes to do it, I get so tired after a long day at work or something else keeps me busy. I need to keep it up! I can honestly say though, that it's been enjoyable to blog and I'm excited about the next couple of entries. Also, I would like to thank everyone who's been reading my blog. I know it's new, but I'm still surprised to the people who are following me and who are supporting me and my work. Please keep supporting! :)

So the beginning of the week had beautiful weather, and whenever it's this lovely... I just have to go out and enjoy the weather. You would think I get enough sunshine and warmth since I live in California, but not lately! Funny how I love Winter and prefer the cold, but I think we had enough cold so I'm missing warmth in my life right about now. 

I have been wanting to wear this peasant top, but since it's been so cold I haven't had the opportunity to. Peasant top from BB Dakota, Paige skyline denim jeans, jacket which I've had since highschool, belt from Talbots, heels from Chinese Laundry, shoulder clutch from Fendi, bracelets borrowed from my sister.

Believe it or not I've had my cotton army style jacket and heels since highschool, it doesn't sound old but if you know how old I am... maybe it will. Haha! I love re-wearing something I've had since forever, it's great to find something in your closet that you forgot about. It's kind of like new again since it's been a long time since you've worn it. I like to keep everything I bought... especially shoes, bags, accessories, and jackets. You never know when you're going to wear it again and if it's a classic timeless piece, definitely keep it! I wouldn't say my shoes or my jacket or timeless classic pieces, but they are fun and it's always hard to part with certain items. Now, I'm not saying to keep everything... when it's time to let them go, you just have to give them away... they'll belong to a better home and someone else will appreciate them like you did before. That's why it's always fun to go to thrift shops and vintage shops. 

"One mans garbage is another mans treasure."

I love putting one piece of something masculine to a feminine look, it makes it fresh in my opinion. 

So that day, the boyfriend and I decided to eat at this amazing place that my sister recommended us to. It's a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale called Dishdash and their food is absolutely delicious. I love that they have huuuge portions and I can never say no to lamb. I definitely recommend going here if you guys are ever around the area. 

Sooooooooo good! How can you not like Mediterranean food?!

Felt like posing like those Japanese models that you see in the fashion magazines. Don't you just love my weird face? Haha! 

These next couple of months will be a hectic one for me. Wish me luck! You guys will see many updates on my collection. 
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Till next time folks!




It's been a gorgeous week, and whenever there's beautiful weather it brings me to life. It was raining for so many weeks and this week of sunshine was exactly what everyone needed. Beautiful weather always brings my mood and style up a notch, I'd feel more inspired and energized... which was true. Since it was sunny and warm all week, the boyfriend and I decided to go for a morning hike... which turned to a slight run, and if you guys know me... I am definitely not a running outside kind of lady. I prefer running on the treadmill or speed walking everywhere. The boyfriend finds it odd that I can't walk slow anywhere I go, I guess it's due to living in the city most of my life and I'm so use to walking fast. It's good to walk slow though-- something that I need to do more often... I feel as though I'm passing through life without enjoying and noticing the little things because I'm always rushing. Gotta walk slow once in a while. Haha!

I haven't done print in a while and since the weather was perfect, I decided wear something with prints. I bought this top while I was in Hawaii and haven't had the chance to let the world see it as much as I wanted yet, hopefully when the weather stays warm for a while it'll get it's lime light. Besides that, I decided to wear these red heels out. My youngest sister bought them for her Halloween costume and it hasn't been touched since then, and I felt bad for them so I decided to wear them to get their moneys worth. When I wear a print, I tend to not do a full body print... just because I tend to not look very flattering in a full body print, and if I do wear one I would try to break my body in half by wearing a belt or a jacket to not overwhelm the outfit with just... prints. I do like to do print on print as well, but that style tip will be saved for another day.

Patterned top from Forever 21, navy blue high waisted trousers from Zara, belt from Talbots, faux leather jacket from BB Dakota, bag Fendi, red heels from Steve Madden.

My current favorite sunglasses from BCBGeneration, watch from Burberry


Floral pendant necklace borrowed from my younger sister, my favorite panda necklace from Betsey Johnson

That day the boyfriend decided to take me and his best friend Brandon who is right next to me in this picture, to Los Gatos. Haha! Sorry Brandon! I love going to Los Gatos on a sunny day, it's just a gorgeous place to walk around and they have beautiful homes. It was very relaxing to just spend time with good friends. Loving Brandon's simple fit that day, it's very him and his style and he owns it. A lot of guys are afraid to wear v-neck tees, but I don't know why. I think it's a very flattering neckline on a guy, just don't buy one that's a very deep v-neck. Every guy should own at least one! So kudos to you, Brandon! And a guy who accessorizes is even better. My boyfriend gave Brandon those glasses and he wears them quite a lot and I think it's a great way to complete an outfit. Not many people can pull off that look, but a bracelet, a watch, or a hat would do. A man should never be afraid to accessorize!  

Thats all for today, folks. While everyone had an enjoyable weekend off, mine starts tomorrow and I will be sleeping in and working out like crazy. Haha!