Lately, I've been feeling... light. That's the best way I can describe my mood for clothing. I'm quite into the pastels and white on white look this week. I guess it's because it's Spring, but it doesn't look or feel like it! So I decided to represent "Spring". I'm not a fan of this season though due to my crazy allergies. 

Silk blouse from Nordstrom Rack, vest from I.N.C., denim stripe jacket from Ralph Lauren, high-waisted jeans which I'm currently in love with from Levi's 512 Skinny Jeans.

I love combining something elegant and delicate with something heavy and casual. It definitely brings an outfit something you can wear for any kind of occasion... whether it's casual or for something a little bit more dressy. I'm a fan of shopping in all kinds of stores and I always try to be a money saver shopper, especially when it comes to clothes which can easily be thrown out or get ripped. When it comes to something trendy I tend to not spend so much, but things that I FEEL I will wear forever I would definitely splurge. Things I definitely splurge on are bags, coats/jackets, suits, jeans, shoes. Those things will last and they are something you will always use and wear. Another thing I always splurge on are evening/cocktail dresses. My family and I love to dress up, if there's any sort of occasion we'll definitely bring it up a notch. It's something I can't resist but to spend on. I try not to as much now, because there are less and less reasons to buy pretty dresses... but I should start making reasons to! For instance... "just because..."

Pearl necklace from Vietnam which I got during my trip to Ha Long Bay. I thought the way they sewed it together was so unique, I just had to get it! And... who can say no to pearls? Peep toe bow heels from DV by Dolce Vita, clutch which also comes with a long chain strap from Dior, rings from BCBG and Ann Taylor LOFT. 

I hope everyone has a happy Easter!! I'm going to head out tonight to hang with all my boys to eat and grab some drinks! It's been a while since we've all hanged out, so I'm very excited!

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Till next time, folks!


katie said...

Elegant-Chic is the best way I can describe this look :) I also love the simplicity of your makeup, I think it really compliments your outfit too. You also always have the best backgrounds for photos, are these just random places you venture to that day or do you plan this out ahead?

jazziebabycakes said...

I love the outfit Valerie! I've been softening up for spring too. It's so bizarre because I didn't used to be this way but I guess it's the whole transitioning into maturity thing that's kicking in. I really enjoy your necklace and how it lays, it's very elegant!

Mint said...

SO SOPHISTICATED! The light make-up really suits you. I try to lighten my make-up but it doesn't work as well as I want it to because I cant seem to look "awake" with it on.

C. said...

love this outfit <3