Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post, I never knew how hard it was to keep up a blog. When I prepare for one, I have so many ideas and can't wait to post a new entry... but then when the time comes to do it, I get so tired after a long day at work or something else keeps me busy. I need to keep it up! I can honestly say though, that it's been enjoyable to blog and I'm excited about the next couple of entries. Also, I would like to thank everyone who's been reading my blog. I know it's new, but I'm still surprised to the people who are following me and who are supporting me and my work. Please keep supporting! :)

So the beginning of the week had beautiful weather, and whenever it's this lovely... I just have to go out and enjoy the weather. You would think I get enough sunshine and warmth since I live in California, but not lately! Funny how I love Winter and prefer the cold, but I think we had enough cold so I'm missing warmth in my life right about now. 

I have been wanting to wear this peasant top, but since it's been so cold I haven't had the opportunity to. Peasant top from BB Dakota, Paige skyline denim jeans, jacket which I've had since highschool, belt from Talbots, heels from Chinese Laundry, shoulder clutch from Fendi, bracelets borrowed from my sister.

Believe it or not I've had my cotton army style jacket and heels since highschool, it doesn't sound old but if you know how old I am... maybe it will. Haha! I love re-wearing something I've had since forever, it's great to find something in your closet that you forgot about. It's kind of like new again since it's been a long time since you've worn it. I like to keep everything I bought... especially shoes, bags, accessories, and jackets. You never know when you're going to wear it again and if it's a classic timeless piece, definitely keep it! I wouldn't say my shoes or my jacket or timeless classic pieces, but they are fun and it's always hard to part with certain items. Now, I'm not saying to keep everything... when it's time to let them go, you just have to give them away... they'll belong to a better home and someone else will appreciate them like you did before. That's why it's always fun to go to thrift shops and vintage shops. 

"One mans garbage is another mans treasure."

I love putting one piece of something masculine to a feminine look, it makes it fresh in my opinion. 

So that day, the boyfriend and I decided to eat at this amazing place that my sister recommended us to. It's a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale called Dishdash and their food is absolutely delicious. I love that they have huuuge portions and I can never say no to lamb. I definitely recommend going here if you guys are ever around the area. 

Sooooooooo good! How can you not like Mediterranean food?!

Felt like posing like those Japanese models that you see in the fashion magazines. Don't you just love my weird face? Haha! 

These next couple of months will be a hectic one for me. Wish me luck! You guys will see many updates on my collection. 
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Till next time folks!



katie said...

I think this is definitely my favorite outfit so far :) Everything is a compliment to the other, down to your nail polish, though I'm sure that wasn't on purpose. The heels are absolutely adorable!
Haha, I wonder if I ever saw you wearing that jacket? Or is the jacket even older than that? Hell, I still have things in my closet from elementary school... I should probably get rid of those lmao

Food looks delicious! Jeez, I jump from one blog with amazing food to another, GOD I'm hungry!

jazziebabycakes said...

Hi Valerie! It's Jasmine, we met about a week ago (James introduced us). I completely love your blog thus far! It's so fun and great to see your outfits you post. I really want to try Dishdash now! I'm going to have to get someone who enjoys that food to go with me :)

Valerie Nguyen said...

Katie: Thank you!! Yeah... ironically my nails were not planned. I picked my nail colors 2 days before this shoot. Haha! I think you've seen me wear that jacket in highschool, but it was so long ago... who would remember? Haha! You definitely need to try Dishdash whenever you get the chance! Suuuuuper good!

Jasmine: Hi Jasmine! I don't know if you saw my comment on your blog! Hahaha!!! Thank you for the kind words!! I'm excited to continue following your blog to see your make-up looks and reviews! I looooove reading make-up reviews!