It's been a gorgeous week, and whenever there's beautiful weather it brings me to life. It was raining for so many weeks and this week of sunshine was exactly what everyone needed. Beautiful weather always brings my mood and style up a notch, I'd feel more inspired and energized... which was true. Since it was sunny and warm all week, the boyfriend and I decided to go for a morning hike... which turned to a slight run, and if you guys know me... I am definitely not a running outside kind of lady. I prefer running on the treadmill or speed walking everywhere. The boyfriend finds it odd that I can't walk slow anywhere I go, I guess it's due to living in the city most of my life and I'm so use to walking fast. It's good to walk slow though-- something that I need to do more often... I feel as though I'm passing through life without enjoying and noticing the little things because I'm always rushing. Gotta walk slow once in a while. Haha!

I haven't done print in a while and since the weather was perfect, I decided wear something with prints. I bought this top while I was in Hawaii and haven't had the chance to let the world see it as much as I wanted yet, hopefully when the weather stays warm for a while it'll get it's lime light. Besides that, I decided to wear these red heels out. My youngest sister bought them for her Halloween costume and it hasn't been touched since then, and I felt bad for them so I decided to wear them to get their moneys worth. When I wear a print, I tend to not do a full body print... just because I tend to not look very flattering in a full body print, and if I do wear one I would try to break my body in half by wearing a belt or a jacket to not overwhelm the outfit with just... prints. I do like to do print on print as well, but that style tip will be saved for another day.

Patterned top from Forever 21, navy blue high waisted trousers from Zara, belt from Talbots, faux leather jacket from BB Dakota, bag Fendi, red heels from Steve Madden.

My current favorite sunglasses from BCBGeneration, watch from Burberry


Floral pendant necklace borrowed from my younger sister, my favorite panda necklace from Betsey Johnson

That day the boyfriend decided to take me and his best friend Brandon who is right next to me in this picture, to Los Gatos. Haha! Sorry Brandon! I love going to Los Gatos on a sunny day, it's just a gorgeous place to walk around and they have beautiful homes. It was very relaxing to just spend time with good friends. Loving Brandon's simple fit that day, it's very him and his style and he owns it. A lot of guys are afraid to wear v-neck tees, but I don't know why. I think it's a very flattering neckline on a guy, just don't buy one that's a very deep v-neck. Every guy should own at least one! So kudos to you, Brandon! And a guy who accessorizes is even better. My boyfriend gave Brandon those glasses and he wears them quite a lot and I think it's a great way to complete an outfit. Not many people can pull off that look, but a bracelet, a watch, or a hat would do. A man should never be afraid to accessorize!  

Thats all for today, folks. While everyone had an enjoyable weekend off, mine starts tomorrow and I will be sleeping in and working out like crazy. Haha! 



Da said...
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katie said...

How long does it take you to put together an outfit? Do you think these through or do you just throw on random pieces and create something fabulous? :)

I totally have to agree with the guys and v-neck shirts! I've tried to get my boyfriend to wear them too but he just won't have it haha.

Mint said...

I love the pattern on your shirt! I've always wanted to get into BOLD patterns but I never see any that suits me ):

augustalolita said...

stunning outfit!! i wish i could wok the crop top, but i cant :( love your trousers too and wonderful sunglasses <3

Valerie Nguyen said...

katie: I usually think of it within 10 seconds. I usually know one piece that I really want to wear that day and it goes from there. I think putting an outfit together should never be a task and should not take more than 5 mins max.
Also, I hope your bf changes his mind about v-necks someday!

mint: I think it's very hard to pull of bold patterns in general. They usually are very big and it doesn't look flattering unless you have something solid to go with it. I usually stick to small prints or medium, but with clothing you just gotta try them to see if it works for you or not. :)

augustalolita: thank you!! My top isn't actually a crop top, I tucked it inside my trousers ;) It's the most flattering silhouette and everything looks so polished when a top is tucked in a skirt or pants. Haha! Thank you for reading my blog btw, hope to see more of you! :)