Hello hello. Been a busy week for me, I use to have so much energy no matter how busy I was. All nighters were no problem, heck... 3 weeks in a row of all-nighters were nothing! But now... even staying up past 2 would kill me! I use to be able to function with 3 hours of sleep, but now not even 8 hours would do. I love sleep so much. I suppose it's due to all those years of not sleeping and now my body really needs it. I remember my first collection for COEUR de VALERIE, I had to pretty much do everything by myself. I was emotionally and physically drained. I couldn't even do an all-nighter. It was a very VERY stressful time, but in the end it was worth it. During any of my projects I always ask myself why do I put myself through all this stress, pain, torture, sweat, tears, blood, and lack of sleep for... then when it's finally done, I remember why and that it was all worth it. I remember why I love doing what I do, and in the end... it's not for others(well... it is) but it's for me. 

So folks, I present to you all a preview of my collection that I am currently constructing on. So a couple of posts ago I presented you all my inspiration and color story of my collection and now here are some sketches of what you will be seeing. I tend to not say much about my collections because I feel like my clothing should say it all, but sometimes not everyone understands it or sees it like I do. This collection was highly inspired by Sapa and the people that lived there. It was a combination of Vietnam's growing society, but even with a growing country they are very much still restricted. This collection is pretty much my story and experience during my trip to Vietnam... my personal experience with the culture, the people, my relatives, and myself. I can certainly say I do not belong there, I am quite different and sometimes it's hard to adapt to a certain culture even if it's your own. I was born and raised and America and to see how the young lives in this modern age in another country was quite interesting. I'm a very opinionated person and sometimes explaining it just either offends people or makes them happy, so that's why I create clothes. I'm sure you guys hear that a lot from many many different designers; "I have many things to say and so I show it through my clothes." I think sometimes it might be the best way because your choice of words can go either positive or negative. I suppose clothing is the same way, but at least people will wear it... or at least some will. Haha! I think I'm just rambling now... in the end, I get the best satisfaction when I see people wearing the things I make and incorporate it to their wardrobe. I'm making the future of fashion as well as the history. Anyways, enough chit-chat... on to the previews!


I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak of whats to come to life! Till next time folks!



katie said...

Wow, Valerie... this collection looks beautiful so far! The two that caught my eye immediately were the very first outfit, and the second row, 3rd from the left. I love those pieces so so much, I want them! We're very lucky to have you taking part in the fashion world, you have the most amazing ideas and inspirations to translate into fashion, just wow. <3 I can't wait to see how you incorporate your color story into the individual pieces, super exciting! Good luck, Val! Don't push yourself too hard, take a break, then go back to stabbing your fingertips :D jk!

Valerie Nguyen said...

Awwwww thanks Katie!! Your kind words really made me happy and encouraged me to work harder! :)