The holiday season has always been my favorite time of the year, so I couldn't skip on making a post about it even if it's really late! Every year my family and I dress up for our relatives Christmas party, and each year I think of a theme for us ladies. I always get excited just thinking of what we should all wear, what hairstyle we should each do, and what make-up look should we pull off. This year I decided we each should all wear sequin dresses since it's been my youngest sisters favorite evening look. I've been obsessed with fuchsia lipsticks, so I wanted to incorporated that to our look as well!

 Yes, I cut my hair... it happened during mid-September, I needed a new change and was getting sick of long hair. I was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and I love it! I feel so light!
Dress: Aqua(Bloomingdales), Shoes: Bakers, Jewelry: Nordstroms

 My lovely sisters who are my best friends! I was inspired to do a retro look for all of us this year. Both are wearing Aqua(Bloomingdales) dresses, Shoes: Glint, Rachel by Rachel Roy, Jewelry: Nordstroms, Ann Taylor Loft

 My beautiful family!

I apologize for the flash picture, this was taken by my aunt. It's one of my favorites of us so I just had to post it up!

It was a tough year full of ups and downs, but it was well worth it! I hope this year will be an amazing year for everyone! Every year I always make resolutions and when it's about to be the new year I reflect to see if I have accomplished any of them. What's yours?



Stephanie Holtz said...

You and your family are ALWAYS so gorgeous! I love seeing these pictures~

Valerie said...

awwww thank you Steph!