Today the boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to the city just because. Lately, the weather has been quite rainy and gloomy so it was a nice treat to see that it was a gorgeous day in San Francisco. 

Whenever I'm in San Francisco, it feels like I'm home. I use to live in San Francisco and before that, I use to come to the city almost every week. I love the nice crisp air and the bustling city with unique individuals. It's a place that I definitely want to live again one day. 

The boyfriend and I love to find new places to eat, we enjoy food. So he found Naked Lunch, it's a little place on Broadway... yes, Broadway. The street full of strip clubs. It doesn't open very late, it actually closes at 2pm and their selection changes I believe almost everyday. You can check their site to see what's on the menu for that day. I fell in love with this place, their sandwiches are absolutely delicious! I'm usually not a sandwich person, but this made me really fell in love. Friendly workers and delicious food and drinks.  If you guys are ever in San Francisco, definitely try this place out!

The actual shop is a very small place but they provide outdoor seating and I think it's absolutely adorable. I love the couches. 

Artisan Foie Gras Torchon & Duck Prosciutto Sandwich

D' Anjou Pear & Triple Cream Sandwich

I was addicted to their Cinnamon Sweet Tea, one wouldn't do... thankfully they had free refills! 

I think I'm on a denim shirting obsession, I wear them constantly now. This particular one is by Levi's worn with khaki pants, cropped trench from Ann Taylor, boots from Alfani, Fendi bag, silk scarf from Talbots(I love the print), key necklace I stole from my sister, belt was a gift from my cousin which she got in Australia. And yes... I'm constantly looking at my phone. I think it's great to have one focal piece when you're wearing an entire outfit full of basics, it brings an outfit to life. My focal piece was definitely my scarf, I love it so much!

For snack the boyfriend decided we go try Tartine Bakery. It was so crowded, definitely a cute place to have a cup of coffee and sweets. A great way to end our San Francisco outing.

In other news, my friend Yuta is helping Japan and their disaster. I think it's a great project for a great cause, please support him. Whenever you donate $5 you receive a sticker that he makes, every penny is donated to help Japan. Just click on his blog below. Thank you everyone! 

Till next time, folks.



Lynna said...

love these! :)
& love that key necklast, especially! hahah :)

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