So enough with my daily look, I decided to post my inspiration images and color story for my very very late Spring/Summer 2011 collection. 

Last May I went to Vietnam for the first time and it was quite an interesting experience for me. It was never a place I felt like I had to visit even though that is where my family and relatives are born. My aunt and my mother decided it was time for me to start my clothing line and that Vietnam would be a great place to start. Besides being in Vietnam for business, I also had the pleasure to go see the country side of Vietnam and that's where I was inspired and fell in love. My aunt took my mother and I to Sapa and Ha Long Bay, it was a beautiful treat to see the vast ocean and their amazing mountains and to see the village people and see how they live. Seeing nature and being in a place you are not familiar with was definitely an amazing, relaxing, and inspiring treat. It was something I felt like I needed, it was a big stepping stone to my life and having this experience is something that I won't ever forget. 
Although I feel like I am a city girl, Vietnam's city life is definitely not one that I can learn to live with. I was more attracted to their country living and how sincerely people were happy living the simple life and their vast lands. Being in the city and the country side was definitely a big change, the way people view life and the way they dress... but I guess you can say that about any country. Well, enough with my rambles... here are the pictures. I apologize in advance, this entry is picture heavy and they were all taken by me.

I was highly inspired by the lands, the clothing the village people wore, the colors of everything, and the textures the country had to offer whether it was buildings or rocks. 

Here is my color story, it seems to be quite a big color story and I probably will reduce it once the fabrics are finalized.
So I hope everyone enjoyed my inspiration, I can't wait to share with you all the collection once it's done. Until next time, folks!


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Mint said...

The people in the village got some style! I'm glad you went all around Vietnam and not just the cities.