It's been raining all week and it will keep on raining till who knows when... this kind of weather always makes me tired. I am definitely a person who feels energized when I see and feel the sun. Don't get me wrong, sometimes rain can make me feel at peace... I especially love rainy nights when you just relax, read a good book while sipping on a hot cup of tea. 

An outfit fit for the rain, I've got the rainboots! I apologize for looking kind of not photo ready, I was exhausted after work. My skin has been hating me lately too, I need to take better care of it. Striped knit turtleneck sweater from Ralph Lauren, cropped trench from Ann Taylor, currently favorite dark denim from DL1961, rainboots from Steven Madden, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, and tartan scarf. 

I've been quite in love with the color red-orange, thus the red-orange nails and lipstick. Sometimes I like to make my make-up make a statement rather than my outfit. Sometimes an outfit can bring you a little sunshine on a gloomy day... cheesy, I know. 
It's been such a busy week for me! And it's going to keep on being busy till who knows when... hopefully I can keep up with this lifestyle. Wish me luck!


Lynna Nguyen Photography said...

i love your boots!! :) Perfect outfit for rainy days!

Lovely! :)

Mint said...

I like these pro photos a lot. I can never get my bf to take photos for me ):