So where do I begin... I suppose a hello is where I'll start. 
Hello everyone! My name is Valerie and I am just a lady who decided to make a fashion blog. Why you ask? It all started during the beginning of Winter when I was just randomly shopping with my family, lots of ladies would randomly come up to me asking for my personal fashion advice. It was as though I had a sign on my forehead that said "stylist" or something. My sister noticed that I was getting that a lot and suggested that I should start my very own fashion blog. So here it is folks... my blog. 

What makes my blog worth looking or reading? I suppose nothing really... (not a good way to start off your first blog). I don't think I have a unique sense of style, it's MY style but it's nothing that I discovered... it's something I developed over the years of growing up and growing through many... many phases(which I'm still doing). I think it's a style that many people can enjoy and incorporate in their wardrobe. I like to try all different styles at least once in my lifetime, I think that's definitely something everyone should try... you never know what styles you can actually pull off. Besides my personal style, I am also a fashion designer. This blog will be my new project and hobby that I hope I can share with everyone who's willing to read what I have to say and show. This blog will not only show my daily personal style, but also my inspirations and daily progress of each fashion collection I do. 
Enough with the texts, on to the pictures...

 Today I had brunch with the boyfriend and if you know me, I am horrible at waking up early to even have breakfast. So this was quite a feat. I am loving my Theory button up, it was a gift from my mother. Ann Taylor Loft's cropped pants and H&M cardigan.  A very simple look for a cloudy day.

I absolutely love this Fendi bag which I stole from my mother and now it's officially mine. It has a sophisticated and yet youthful look thanks to the stars. Talbot's belt and Burberry watch that I got for Christmas, which I wear almost everyday. I love it to death. I love the androgynous style. And of course, my Ann Taylor loafers. During last summer I had a phase with loafers and every time I see one I couldn't help but to buy them! 

Many people I know think these brands (Talbots & Ann Taylor) are for mom's or "older" women, but I beg to differ. If you like it who cares where you got it? Before you're hesitant to go to any store, try to think that there might be hidden treasure in each place you go. I know I always find something, I don't have a favorite store nor do I only go to stores specifically in my age group. In this time and age, everyone is shopping everywhere! Don't ever limit yourself.

I liked this picture of myself that the boyfriend took. It kinda looks like a picture that belongs to all those cool fashion blogs that I read. BCBG navy blue double breasted blazer and power skirt, H&M stripe tank and trench, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I am currently borrowing from my sister.

This is the end of my introduction. I look forward to many future posts and to get acquainted with current and future readers. 
P.S. If anyone is curious as to how I got my blog name, it is actually the name of my clothing line. The logo was made by my amazing and talented friend Alan Bui. It means "Heart of Valerie" in French, it's something I'll explain later in the future. 


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